This is a friendly warning that your web-browser does not currently protecting your privacy and/or security as well as you might want. Click on this message to see more information about the issue(s) that were detected. April 2018 Bug­Id minor update to licensing system

An minor update to Bug­Id has been released based on the previous release. This update changes the unique id Bug­Id uses to register with the license server. You will want to download this version before applying any licenses you have recently received, as otherwise the license server may believe you are running Bug­Id on two different systems.

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New Bug­Id released based on dev branch

A new version of Bug­Id has been released based on the "dev" branch from Git­Hub. It contains the usual improvements and bug fixes (you can read all the details in the accompanying "RELEASE NOTES.txt" file).

From now on, all versions of Bug­Id will require a license to use after a one month trial period. You can request a commercial or a non-commercial license online at

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