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New Bug­Id Version Requires New License File

A new version of Bug­Id has beeen released that includes minor improvements and bug fixes. It also brings new "modules" to the project, which will require a new licenses file, as the existing license files do not covere these modules. You are advised to go the the license server at and download a new license file at your earliest convenience.

Bug­Id is modular

Bug­Id is built up of several modules. This makes the code easier to maintain and reuse in other projects. An additional benefit is that fixes for bugs that were reported in a module for one project are automatically applied to other projects as well.

While developing a new project, I created a set of functions and classes that make writing multi-threaded, event-based projects easier. I put this code into a separate module and reused that modules in Bug­Id. This simplifies the code and makes it easier to maintain. I also developed a new way of debugging my scripts for the project, which is implemented in a separate module. This new technique is used by the new module, which means Bug­Id now requires this second new modules as well.

Licensing is modular

Licensing is done at the module level; a license to use Bug­Id is actually a license to use all the modules that Bug­Id is made of. If new modules are added to Bug­Id, these new modules should also be added to the license. Bug­Id checks if you have a valid license by looking at a license file, which tells it all the modules that are covered by your license. If the list of modules for a license is updated, the list of modules in the license file should also be updated to reflect this.

I have updated what modules are covered by Bug­Id licenses on the server. This means the server will now produce license files that cover these new modules. Any existing license files will need to be replaced with new copies from the server if you want to use the new version of Bug­Id.

What to do

Please go to, log in and download your license(s) again. You can save the file in the folder where you keep Bug­Id. The next time Bug­Id is run, it will automatically read the file and update your license.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to

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