This is a friendly warning that your web-browser does not currently protecting your privacy and/or security as well as you might want. Click on this message to see more information about the issue(s) that were detected. April 17th, 2018 New Bug­Id released based on dev branch

New Bug­Id released based on dev branch

Download the official release .zip here

Dev branch

Over the past few months, Bug­Id and its submodules were all given a "dev" branch in which continuous development is done. This allows me to publish improvements continuously without breaking the release versions of these modules. The "dev" branch will be merged into the "master" branch once every few weeks or months, depending on development needs. If you want to test the latest version with the newest features and bug fixes, at the expense of possibly having a broken version every now and then, you may want to use the latest "dev" branch. If you want to be sure you have the most reliable version and don't mind being a few weeks or months behind on the latest features, you will want to use the "master" branch.

Release version

Starting today, I will be creating official releases every now and then. These will contain a stable release of Bug­Id and all its dependencies, without any of the tests and other development tools. They are intended to allow users to get up and running with the latest version of Bug­Id with minimal effort.

You can download the 2018-04-17 official release here.


From now on, all versions of Bug­Id will require a license to use after a one month trial period. You can request a commercial or a non-commercial license online at

The commercial license is intended for people who use Bug­Id as part of their job or in any other way in order to make money (e.g. Bug Bounties). You can buy standard licenses online which are valid for one person for one year for use on one machine. If you have any special needs or requests, please send an email so we can discuss options.

The non-commercial license is free and intended for people who are not using Bug­Id as part of their job, or any other way in in order to make money. This license is aimed at people who are interested in computer security and want to use Bug­Id to learn more about application crashes and security vulnerabilities.

If you are unsure what kind of license you need, please contact send an email to explain your situation.

The following steps will help you get a license:

  • Go to
  • Create a new account.
  • Fill out the "Request a license" form.
  • If you requested a standard commercial license, you can pay for it online using a Credit Card and/or request an invoice. If you pay immediately, the license request will be approved automatically and your license will be available immediately.
  • If you request a non-standard or non-commercial license, your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted for more information if needed.
  • Once your license request has been approved and paid (if needed), your license will become available online and can be downloaded.
  • Download the license file from the site and store this file in the same folder as Bug­Id. Make sure the filename is "#license.asc".
  • The next time you run Bug­Id, it will read the license file and check with the server to make sure it is valid. If all checks out, you can use Bug­Id according to the license you received.

Internet access required

Bug­Id needs to contact the license server from time to time to confirm your license is valid. If you have no license, or your license is invalid, or Bug­Id is not able to contact the server to confirm your license is valid, it will stop functioning.

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