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Addition to text of existing licenses

I have updated the text of all existing licenses to clarify how to properly license the software for use by multiple users and/or on multiple systems. This update does not change how these licenses apply to the software. I've added the following section:

A single license obtained from Sky­Lined is valid for use of the software by a
single person. A regular license is valid for use on a single system. A
multi-instance license is valid for use on multiple systems by a single user,
up to the maximum number of instances (systems) as stated in the license details.
The licensee must obtain a license for every person that uses the software under
this license agreement. The licensee must obtain a multi-instance license for
sufficient instances for every person that uses the software on multiple systems.

To view the current version of the license agreement for any licenses you have, please visit the license server. After logging in, you can click on "My Licenses" to see all your existing licenses. There is a "View agreement" button underneath each license. Clicking this button will take you the page containing the current license agreement for that license.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to

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